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Live @ Chelsea’s: Landlocked State, Gary

Two very new tracks from our 9/24/2011 show at Chelsea’s in Eureka Springs! Landlocked State, and Gary. Continue reading

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Introducing the Endless Mixtape…

One or two of you might wonder what happened to the “Track of the Week” feature? The truth is, it proved to be too much work for a feature that didn’t seem to attract many listeners. But we still like the idea of posting recordings that would never see the light of day on an “album” release — (What to call them? Bonus tracks? B-sides?) — so I’ve replaced the “Track of the Week” feature with a new one, called “Endless Mixtape.” Continue reading

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The CD’s have arrived!

They’re black… and they’re beautiful! A boxload of these babies arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. I guess that means we need to do a CD-release party soon, huh? Continue reading

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Chelsea’s! Saturday, 9/24/11

After playing Eurekapalooza in the afternoon, we’ll be spending the evening at Chelsea’s! We’ll probably kick-off our set around 7pm, and we’ll play until we’re either out of material, or they kick us off! Come help us show Chelsea’s that… um… that we have friends. Friends who ROCK!

Time: Saturday, September 24 · 7:00pm – ?

Location: 10 Mountain Street, Eureka Springs, AR Continue reading

News Shows and Events

Hunt Club! Friday, 9/23/11

We’re back to our four-piece lineup, and will again have the pleasure of opening for Sam and the Stylees! Come down and catch the shiggity-show! Continue reading



So after band rehearsal the other night, Eric and I were standing out in his front yard. It was 11:55pm. And apparently, the guy a couple houses down decided it was a great time to mow the lawn… Continue reading


The Band Website v2.0

Welcome to the new site! We’re so gosh-darn proud… Continue reading