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Wanna hear Dachshund on the radio? Of course you do! Tune in to “Lindsey’s Lounge” on KOSU Radio (or “The Spy”) this Saturday, April 6, at 8pm! We’ve been told that our song, “Tiny Captains,” will be featured during a segment hosted by Evan Jarvicks, formerly of the “Make Oklahoma Weirder” blog, which should air this Saturday.

Listen here:Tulsa 107.3 FM / 107.5 FMOKC on 91.7 FMStillwater 88.3 FMPonca City 94.9 FM

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News Shows and Events

3/02/24: Dachshund & The Stylees at Colony

Saturday, March 2 at 9pmDachshund CD Release – w/ The Stylees

It’s our first show at The Colony since 2012! It’s the CD Release Party for “Phantasmagoria!” And it’s the first show of our FINAL YEAR together! That’s right, we’re calling it quits after 2024. So come pick up a copy of the new album, and bootleg the shit out of a live Dachshund performance WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

A word of thanks to The Stylees, who invited us to share the bill with them. We’ve been wanting to get back into The Colony for awhile, but didn’t imagine that it would… Continue reading


DachsEND: The Final Tour

In 2024, our band is celebrating the release of our new album, “Phantasmagoria,” with an accompanying farewell tour in Tulsa at various venues, marking the end of our journey. After a Covid-induced hiatus and three albums, we’re grateful for the support that’s made our comeback and final shows possible. Thank you, Tulsa! Continue reading

News Phantasmagoria

Trick, or treat, your ears!

It’s Halloween weekend, which is the perfect time to discover our new album! You can stream it for free on Bandcamp!

The album was officially released Thursday, exclusively on Bandcamp. It’s full of spooky songs, nostalgic vibes, and campy horror-show lyrics with a sneaky kind of depth.

In the title-track, a young couple rides a haunted-house, and sneak out of their cart to go make-out behind a gory display — while in a parallel universe, Adam and Eve conspire toward the forbidden. In another, a 13-year-old boy begins to discover that he’s a werewolf. In yet another, a… Continue reading

Albums News Phantasmagoria

The new album is on its way!

A depiction of the "Phantasmagoria" Album Cover: A photograph of a couple leaving a fantastical garden to approach an elaborate haunted-house amusement-ride. On either side of the cover rests an oversized carnival-ticket.

The album we’ve been working on since 2019 is finally finished! We’re excited to be releasing it, on Bandcamp, on October 26, 2023.

It has been a long journey for us. It feels like the world turned upside-down in a hundred different ways while this album was under production. But to some degree, that’s only fitting; this album started out as an excuse to explore… Continue reading


New Music: “System Failure”

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Bandcamp, then you likely noticed that we released a new song the week before Halloween. Had you been following us only via our official band website, you never would have seen that news, because our website CRASHED!

Yes, the official Dachshund band website went down, and the world ended. But it’s back up! And the world is, again, spinning round.

Call it serendipity, then, that the song that we released in October 2022 is called “System Failure.”

“System Failure” is an Eric song, a focused blast… Continue reading


New Music: Something Wicked (single)

“Something Wicked ” is a new single from our forthcoming third LP. It’s a Midwestern Gothic tune which looks back at the joys/terrors of an adolescence experienced in a conservative household.

Points of influence here include Ray Bradbury, Talking Heads, and The Pixies.

Mazus Graves – Guitar / VocalEric Hartley – Guitar / Vocal Harmony Matt Mayo – BassJason Booze – Drums

Lyric by Mazus GravesMusic by Dachshund and Mazus Graves

Artwork by Juliana Noelle Jumper, used with permission.

Listen and download on Bandcamp.… Continue reading


A Recollection about a Movie

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always been fascinated by scary movies. I think it’s the fantastical elements of such films which originally drew me in. I’ve always had vivid dreams, and certain kinds of scary films have a surrealistic quality which has always appealed to me. And, of course, there’s the spine-tingling thrill of anticipating the dreadful unknown.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to watch many scary movies. I had seen “Poltergeist” when I was probably six, and it scared the bejeezus out of me! I became kind of obsessed with the film, and terrified… Continue reading