DachsEND: The Final Tour

In 2024, our band is celebrating the release of our new album, “Phantasmagoria,” with an accompanying farewell tour in Tulsa at various venues, marking the end of our journey. After a Covid-induced hiatus and three albums, we’re grateful for the support that’s made our comeback and final shows possible. Thank you, Tulsa! Continue reading

2024 is shaping-up to be a great year for us! We’ve got a new album out, and we’re lining-up a slate of shows to promote it:

  • Sat. March 2: The Colony, Tulsa, with The Stylees!
  • Sat. May 18: Soundpony, Tulsa, with Stallone Cobras and Ill Fated
  • Sat. June 22: The Hunt Club, Tulsa, with other acts TBA.

All of which feels really good to be able to say. Covid forced us to cancel all our dates in 2020, and we spent the next few years on hiatus, just finishing-up our third album.

That album, “Phantasmagoria,” was released on Bandcamp in October. We’ll be releasing to the wider world of digital streaming platforms soon. We’re also doing a short-run CD release, which is a pretty snazzy package, and you’ll probably only be able to get one at a show.

Given the time we spent out of the loop, we were a little concerned that booking shows again might prove difficult. But you know, it seems we do still have some friends out there, and things have been coming together.

But also… (drum-roll)… This will be our LAST year to play shows. There is a natural end-point for everything, and this band’s lifespan has been improbably long. After three albums, we are taking our last tour around Tulsa in 2024, not only to promote our new album, but also as a kind of final farewell to this project. We all hate to let this band go — but in a way, it’s nice to see the end coming ahead of time, to be able to plan for it, to be able to write that last chapter, to have been given the opportunity to put the period on the end of that sentence.

So we just wanted to say, “Thank you, Tulsa!” We’re looking forward to playing some good shows for you in 2024! And if you’ve ever been inclined to come see us, now would be the time!