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Come one, come all! Take a wild ride through darkness and light! Bristling with big guitars, a Gothic backbone, psychedelic shifts of mood — and a seductive sense of melody — Phantasmagoria is our third self-produced album. It is a trove of mazes and monsters.

We released the album on Thursday, Oct 26, 2023. It’s now available on Bandcamp. You can stream it for free, or order it to download.

With your order, you’ll also get a dee-luxe digital booklet which contains art, lyrics, and more!

A Dark Ride

We named this album after the Phantasmagoria haunted-house, which operated at Bell’s Amusement Park, in our home-base of Tulsa, Oklahoma, from 1972 through the park’s closure in 2006. Designed by the legendary Bill Tracy, in coordination with the family of Robert Bell, Sr., it was a remarkable attraction in its heyday, as well as an expression of the fears and anxieties of the culture that produced it. It no longer exists.

Our album offers a similar “dark ride” experience, wrapped in a certain nostalgia for eras lost. Step inside, won’t you?

About the Band

Beneath the wide-open sky of Northeastern Oklahoma, where the Arkansas River rambles among the Osage Hills, four friends with a mutual interest in rock-music, and its legacy, and its future, joined together to form a band called Dachshund.

Inspired by a cross-section of genre-defying (and genre-defining) heroes like Radiohead, Hum, Bowie, Helmet, Queens of the Stone Age, and Soundgarden — as well as various unsung local influences — these four friends set out to bend the rules of rock-music to their own whims, in an effort to achieve a more personal kind of expression. They continue to create music which expresses something of themselves, and of the places from which they came.

Hailing from the greater Tulsa area — a location known simultaneously as the “Middle of Nowhere” and the “Center of the Universe” — Dachshund strives to embrace contradiction and resist restrictive preconceptions.

Our music is a cinema of the mind, with a screen as wide as the Oklahoma sky.

Previous Releases

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