Take the Ride!


The New Album

Come one, come all! Take a wild ride through darkness and light! Bristling with big guitars, a Gothic backbone, psychedelic swerves in mood — and a seductive sense of melody — Phantasmagoria is our third self-produced album. It is a trove of mazes and monsters.

If you purchase the album via Bandcamp, you’ll also get a deluxe digital booklet which contains art, lyrics, and more!

We have also created a short-run of special-edition CDs, which will be available at our 2024 shows.

A Dark Ride

We named this album after the Phantasmagoria haunted-house, which operated at Bell’s Amusement Park, in our home-base of Tulsa, Oklahoma, from 1972 through the park’s closure in 2006. Designed by the legendary Bill Tracy, in coordination with the family of Robert Bell, Sr., it was a remarkable attraction in its heyday, as well as an expression of the fears and anxieties of the culture that produced it. It no longer exists.

Our album offers a similar “dark ride” experience, wrapped in a certain nostalgia for eras lost. Step inside, won’t you?

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