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Phantas Notes, Pt. 2: Cover-Art

If you don’t know anything about our album-cover, the story behind it’s kind of interesting. “Phantasmagoria” was an actual haunted-house which operated at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the early 1970s until the park’s closure in 2006. The ride’s façade changed a lot over time — but in the beginning, as I remember it from my childhood, it was freaking ELABORATE, and strange enough to captivate and terrify any 5-year-olds like me. It was like a strange, dark, alternate dimension looming inexplicably there at the North end of the midway.

When I finally got all the… Continue reading

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Phantas Notes, Pt. 1: The Album

Howdy folks, this is Mazus. Now that our new album is finally streaming, out where you can listen on any major platform, I think I’ll finally take the time share some thoughts about it. I’ll talk about the album as a whole here, in this post — and then maybe I’ll talk a bit about each song in the coming days.

Our band, like most, is a collaborative endeavor. Eric and I both write material, and we tend to bring songs into the band in a rather “fully formed” state. But there are always “blanks” left to fill-in, a skeletal drum-idea… Continue reading

News Phantasmagoria

“Phantasmagoria” is now streaming.

We tried to stop it, but it couldn’t be stopped! Our new album is now streaming everywhere! Check out Phantasmagoria on your favorite streaming platform, including any of these:

There are a lot of other places out there, from YouTube to Tidal, to Deezer and a bunch with weird names that I think somebody just made-up. But you know, our A.I. record-exec tells us they’re all legit! And we’re on all of those. Apparently.

Anyway, wherever you’re looking for us, just search for “Dachshund Phantasmagoria.” Band-name, and album. If you… Continue reading

News Shows and Events

5/18/24: Dachshund, Stallone Cobras, and Ill Fated at Soundpony

Rock Your Dachs Off (RYDO™) with us on Sat May 18 at Soundpony, as we celebrate the May 9 streaming release of our new album, “Phantasmagoria!” You want a CD? We’ve got ’em, but the only way to get one is at a show.

Joining us will be two particularly Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Two bands who bring the skronk. Tulsa’s own:

Stallone Cobras&Ill Fated

See you there…?

10pm, Sat May 18Soundpony409 N. Main St.Tulsa, OK

RSVP via Facebook:


Catch Us on the Radio!

Wanna hear Dachshund on the radio? Of course you do! Tune in to “Lindsey’s Lounge” on KOSU Radio (or “The Spy”) this Saturday, April 6, at 8pm! We’ve been told that our song, “Tiny Captains,” will be featured during a segment hosted by Evan Jarvicks, formerly of the “Make Oklahoma Weirder” blog, which should air this Saturday.

Listen here:Tulsa 107.3 FM / 107.5 FMOKC on 91.7 FMStillwater 88.3 FMPonca City 94.9 FM

You can also listen online! For more


News Shows and Events

3/02/24: Dachshund & The Stylees at Colony

Saturday, March 2 at 9pmDachshund CD Release – w/ The Stylees

It’s our first show at The Colony since 2012! It’s the CD Release Party for “Phantasmagoria!” And it’s the first show of our FINAL YEAR together! That’s right, we’re calling it quits after 2024. So come pick up a copy of the new album, and bootleg the shit out of a live Dachshund performance WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

A word of thanks to The Stylees, who invited us to share the bill with them. We’ve been wanting to get back into The Colony for awhile, but didn’t imagine that it would… Continue reading


DachsEND: The Final Tour

In 2024, our band is celebrating the release of our new album, “Phantasmagoria,” with an accompanying farewell tour in Tulsa at various venues, marking the end of our journey. After a Covid-induced hiatus and three albums, we’re grateful for the support that’s made our comeback and final shows possible. Thank you, Tulsa! Continue reading

News Phantasmagoria

Trick, or treat, your ears!

It’s Halloween weekend, which is the perfect time to discover our new album! You can stream it for free on Bandcamp!

The album was officially released Thursday, exclusively on Bandcamp. It’s full of spooky songs, nostalgic vibes, and campy horror-show lyrics with a sneaky kind of depth.

In the title-track, a young couple rides a haunted-house, and sneak out of their cart to go make-out behind a gory display — while in a parallel universe, Adam and Eve conspire toward the forbidden. In another, a 13-year-old boy begins to discover that he’s a werewolf. In yet another, a… Continue reading