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Phantas Notes, Pt. 2: Cover-Art

If you don’t know anything about our album-cover, the story behind it’s kind of interesting. “Phantasmagoria” was an actual haunted-house which operated at Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from the early 1970s until the park’s closure in 2006. The ride’s façade changed a lot over time — but in the beginning, as I remember it from my childhood, it was freaking ELABORATE, and strange enough to captivate and terrify any 5-year-olds like me. It was like a strange, dark, alternate dimension looming inexplicably there at the North end of the midway.

When I finally got all the… Continue reading

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Phantas Notes, Pt. 1: The Album

Howdy folks, this is Mazus. Now that our new album is finally streaming, out where you can listen on any major platform, I think I’ll finally take the time share some thoughts about it. I’ll talk about the album as a whole here, in this post — and then maybe I’ll talk a bit about each song in the coming days.

Our band, like most, is a collaborative endeavor. Eric and I both write material, and we tend to bring songs into the band in a rather “fully formed” state. But there are always “blanks” left to fill-in, a skeletal drum-idea… Continue reading