Our new album – Now available in the Store!

Why should you purchase “The Ballad of Shorty Long?” Well, for starters, it tastes better than rusted sheet-metal! And! And! It makes a handsome coaster. And to top it off, it doesn’t sound half bad… Continue reading

Our first-ever album, The Ballad of Shorty Long, is now available for sale!  Purchase it online — either right here, on our Facebook page, or at  All sales are handled by

Right now the album is only available as a physical thing (i.e., an actual CD).  If you’d prefer the more incorporeal version (i.e., a download) — you’ll have to sit tight for now.  We’ve done everything we need to do on our end to make downloads available, but there’s some processing time involved with the digital distribution network.  Eventually, downloads will be available via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon.mp3, and a score of other places as well.  We’ll let you know.

— But you want the actual CD anyway, right?  You want it because:

  • It sounds better than a digital download.
  • It comes with some great artwork created by Chandra Hall and Ryan Dannar!
  • It includes lyrics for all the songs!
  • CD’s are soooo retro!
  • It is physical matter — with, you know, like — mass.
  • It tastes better than rusted sheet-metal!
  • You want to support us!  We love you!
Okay, this is going downhill fast…  Just check out the store, listen to the track previews, and find it in your heart to donate $9.99 in exchange for a pretty gosh-durn awesome CD.  And know that every dollar of your purchase goes to support local Tulsa music.  Namely, us!