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This week, we’re embarking on a MASSIVE TWO-STOP TOUR OF MISSOURI! Springfield and St. Louis, prepare thyselves! Click on through for all the beans…


This week, we’re embarking on a MASSIVE TWO-STOP TOUR OF MISSOURI! No holds barred here, folks! (There will, however, be plenty of barre-chords, and at least a couple of drinkin’-type bars.) When we go out of town, we go big! In at least two cars!

THURS, Oct 13: SPRINGFIELD. We’ll throw down some tunes at Lindberg’s Tavern, “home of the oldest hamburger in Springfield” (or something like that)! Our friends the Archimedian Point and Evil Awful will join us! Mmm, beer, hamburgers and good tunes!

SAT, Oct 15: ST. LOUIS. We’ll hit up The Heavy Anchor, a swell indie-music dive, with our friends Banks and Cathedrals and Old Hand! We’re really looking forward to it! What a great city!

It’ll be a pleasure to play both dates. We’re hoping to give a couple of good shows, make some new friends, have a good time, and help others do the same. If you live in Springfield or St. Louis, and you’re a fan of intelligent rock music, come on out!

Tulsa fans, don’t sweat it! We’ll be following-up with a show at Hunt Club on Nov. 3. Stay tune:D!