New Music: “System Failure”

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Bandcamp, then you likely noticed that we released a new song the week before Halloween. Had you been following us only via our official band website, you never would have seen that news, because our website CRASHED!

Yes, the official Dachshund band website went down, and the world ended. But it’s back up! And the world is, again, spinning round.

Call it serendipity, then, that the song that we released in October 2022 is called “System Failure.”

“System Failure” is an Eric song, a focused blast of epic, apocalyptic rock. Eric handles rhythm-guitar and vocals, yours truly (Mazus) is on lead guitar, Matthew Mayo is on bass, and Jason Booze is on the kit.

This song is from our upcoming album, and is probably the last advance-single we’ll issue before the album is released next year.

If you follow the link on through to Bandcamp, you will find not only the new single, but also an experimental ambient piece called “Until the Last Flickering Light,” which is essentially System Failure slowed down to the speed of a cosmic event. It is surreal, droning, hypnotic, full of an unexpected grandness. It’s an abstract reflection of the pop-song.