Cancelled: July 3 gig at Hunt Club

With regrets and apologies, we have cancelled our July 3 gig at Hunt Club. We had been looking forward to it — but apart from concerns about the ongoing pandemic, our guitarist Eric and his wife Emily were recently involved in a serious car-accident. Both are basically okay, although their ongoing medical and personal concerns have necessarily put the band on the back-burner for the time being.

We hope to play a show for you guys again someday, but at this point we have no idea when that will be. We plan to focus instead on finishing the recording of our third album, provided life doesn’t sink that ship as well. Wish us all well, but send your most extra special wishes to Eric and Emily, who will medically be okay, but who are quite stressed out about things right now.

Also: You yourself. Hang in there. Times are turbulent. Out of chaos sometimes emerges positive change. Black Lives Matter. Human Rights matter. There are a lot of people who would like to convince you otherwise. Don’t listen. In the contest of humanity vs capitalism, always side with humanity and you’ll do no wrong.