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TOTW #1: “The Bird and the Lemming”

I’ve decided to start posting one of our tracks every week — a soundcloud link, and a few of my own short thoughts about it — just for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing.

So, “Track of the Week #1”: Have a listen to “The Bird and the Lemming,” a track from the latter half of our 2016 album, “Crooked House!” One of our simpler tunes, kind of a humorous one — and a duet nonetheless! — this Eric song is all about bad leaders and those who choose to follow them. (At least, that’s how I choose to read it.) Alternately, it might simply be about a bird who leads a lemming to his doom.

Eric sings the part of the “Bird,” while I (Ryan) sing the “Lemming.” While mixing the tune, I decided to make Eric’s vocals sound airy and distant, and to make mine sound more “grounded,” to sonically reflect our characters. The guitars/bass/drums sound pretty live because they basically were — no punch-ins or overdubs here (aside from the vocals, which were overdubbed). That gives the track a “live” energy that I think it benefits from.