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“Gary” – Official Video

Check out the “official video” for “Gary,” from our 2016 album, Crooked House!

Deepest thanks to Steve Williams, Peyton Fore, and Lindsay Coffey, who filmed this video as a group-project for a class they were taking at OSUIT Okmulgee. It was a last-minute production. Their original plans (involving a young couple and a pop-song) had fallen through, with only days before the deadline.

I was a little squeamish about being the only band-member in the video, but we weren’t all available on such short-notice, and Steve and his team were enthusiastic about shooting me solo. So that’s what we did, and honestly it works well for the song. I gave my hammy all during the shoot, and they did a bang-up job editing their footage together. Ultimately, it turned out a lot better than I expected! At the risk of putting out a video that looks like “RYAN IS THE BAND!”, Eric, Matt, and Jason (those “other guys” in Dachshund) agreed this thing should be shared.

If you watch closely, you can see my lips not quite syncing-up with the audio at times! That’s called “movie magic!”