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Home again.

Back home, safe and sound. We had a great time in the Show-Me State! Thanks to our friends Chet (in Springfield) and Shawn (in Saint Louis), who kindly allowed us to crash on their floors and couches! It was a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a dumpster. Safer, too!

Thanks to Lindbergs Tavern in Springfield, home of the duck-fat-fried burger that oh my god you have to taste to understand. And to Heavy Anchor in Saint Louis, the best indie-music venue this side of somewhere.

Thanks, of course, to everyone who came out to either show. All five of you are awesome!

And thanks, finally, to the other bands, without whose participation these bills wouldn’t have been possible: Evil Awful and The Archimedian Point from Springfield; Banks and Cathedrals and Old Hand from Saint Louis. Good music, good people, good times!