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A few dates for fall:

Been lining up a few shows for the fall:

Thurs 10/13 – We’ll be playing Springfield, MO, for the first time, at the esteemed and storied Lindberg’s Tavern. (Storied, as in, the building is more than a single story. Esteemed, as in, it’s full of steam.) Fellow prog-punkers, The Archimedian Point, will join us.

Sat 10/15 – We’ll play St. Louis, also for the first time, at the well-reputed Heavy Anchor. (As opposed to ill-reputed, or a house of ill-repute.) Joining us will be Fight for Midnight, and Banks and Cathedrals.

Thurs 11/3 – We’ll hook it up at Hunt Club in Tulsa. Your mom will open the set with embarrassing tales about what you were like as a kid.

Come out to a show if you can! Pimpin’ ain’t easy! Support is always appreciated! — from