9/22/12: Meet your untimely demise!

Come out to The Hunt Club on Saturday, Sept 22, and meet your untimely demise! Musical accompaniment will be provided by local Tulsa bands Dachshund, and Roots of Thought. The show should start at 10pm, with your demise to follow at some unspecified — yet untimely — duration thereafter. Arrive early, drink up, and die happy!


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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Neither Dachshund the band, nor the individuals who comprise the band, can be held legally responsible for any deaths which actually occur on Saturday 9/22, nor any deaths which fail to occur. The idea of untimely death is for promotional purposes only, and is neither a promise nor a threat of actual untimely death. If you do actually die on 9/22, please don’t blame it on us. Muahahaha!