Only In My Dreams

Words: Mazus / Music: Mazus and Dachshund

turn their heads when you walk by.
spin around you in the sky.
is a precious luxury.
So why not
spend a little bit with me?

All of the hours I’ve spent running around,
So many fishes in the sea.
Where can I find you when the sun has gone down?
Only in my–

They desert me with the dawn.
through the day lonely and long.

Until I see you in that space in the light.
A smile could bring me to my knees.
I know to hold you, it could only be right.
‘Cuz you, you’re in my–

You’re in my dreams.
You’re in my dreams.
Giving yourself away!
Giving yourself away!
Days, Gone!
Weeks, Gone!
in my–!

From the album: “Crooked House”

  • Mazus Graves – Guitar, Vocals
  • Eric Hartley – Guitar
  • Andy Jenson – Bass
  • Adam Karleskint – Drums