The Bird & The Lemming

Words: Eric / Music: Eric and Dachshund

B: I will lead you
L: And I will follow
L: Don’t fly away!
B: Just keep me in sight.

B: I promise you heaven.
L: Is all of it for me?
B: No, you can bring your friends along.
Both: Just wait until they see!

B: It’s not much further.
L: I’ve gathered my friends.
B: Try and keep up!
L: I can’t wait, my friend!

B: Here comes your heaven!
L: It looks just like the sea!
B: So go ahead and dive in…
L: Will it set us free? / B: Let it set you free!


From the album: “Crooked House”

  • Eric Hartley – Guitar, Vocals
  • Ryan Dannar – Guitar
  • Andy Jenson – Bass
  • Adam Karleskint – Drums