Words: Mazus / Music: Mazus and Dachshund

In a tangle of unstrung plans
you tumble out of the blue
With bitter words and an empty hand
Heaven smiles on all but you.

All your guns are
Ah, but who are you fighting?

You take the street
kissing the ground
You want it all
or nothing
— until you get loaded and shoot yourself down!
Throwing your stones
at houses of friends
willing the world
to come crashing in!

She left you for your closest friend
Don’t you know, they’re all the same?
Give you something you start believing in,
leave you standing like a… dog in the rain.

All those heartless
things she said,
you just turn them ’round now,
into curses
that you spit
anywhere you fall!

You hit the ground
cast to the air
awaiting arms
to catch you
— and that’s when you find out there’s nobody there!
Well what good is love, then,
so painfully lost?
You count it as worthless
— But Gary, it’s not.

Fall down,
And get up again,

You ask too much!
You kill me!
You take it too far!
You wanna know
what I think?
You best start learning to live with yourself!
‘Cuz the fight’s never over
though battles be fought
and morning comes sober,
–or not!

From the album: “Crooked House”

  • Mazus Graves – Guitar, Vocals
  • Eric Hartley – Guitar
  • Andy Jenson – Bass
  • Adam Karleskint – Drums