Dachshund is a progressively-minded rock band hailing from Oklahoma, the gothic-conservative heart of the midwest. Like a misguided musical version of Han Solo, we smuggle art-rock ideas into pop-songs, delighting in subtle subversions of the mainstream.

Our music draws from a wide variety of influences. Looming large, you might hear the nervy syncopation of the Talking Heads, the head-trickery of Radiohead or Soundgarden, the mercurial temperament of Sunny Day Real Estate, and Mike Patton’s smart-alecky disregard for convention. Other influences may become apparent as well, from the punk-metal of Helmet to the jazz-rock of Steely Dan. There’s surely a liberal amount of David Bowie in the mix, a bit of Rolling Stones swagger, and a Beatles-esque love of blending all these disparate strands together.

We usually throw several influences into the pot at once — not in a deliberate, self-conscious way, but in a way that just feels organic to us. We have a healthy appreciation of odd time-signatures, unusual key-changes, conceptual lyrics, artful dissonance, and noise. However, our songs also generally have verses and choruses, and actual hooks. So we wrap the art within a pop candy-coated shell, you see. We’re sneaky like that.

David Thomas of Pere Ubu once tagged his own band with the label “Avant-Garage,” which is a pretty funny play on words, and I wish we had thought of it first. “Avant Garage” might describe Dachshund pretty well — except that we’re only a little bit “avant,” and we don’t sound anything like Pere Ubu.

People tend to ask about our name. The fact is, we just liked the sound of it, and it made us laugh. We adopted the name as a way of ribbing standard notions of “cool.” We’re too cool to be cool, you know? ;-)

Dachshund is:

Eric Hartley – guitars and vocals
Ryan Dannar – guitars and vocals
Matt Mayo – bass guitar
Jason Booze – drums

Previous members:
Andy Jenson – bass (founding member)
Matt Taylor – drums (founding member)
Adam Karleskint – drums
Bee Meddler – drums
Lee Moody – drums

We play frequently in our hometown of Tulsa, OK,
but have also performed in
Eureka Springs AR
Springfield MO
Dallas TX
Saint Louis MO


As of 2019, we have self-released two albums:

Our first, 2011’s The Ballad of Shorty Long, was a collection of ramshackle bangers, a visceral and slightly odd set of tunes which wore its ‘90s alt-rock influences on its sleeve.

Our second album, 2016’s Crooked House, made a deliberate turn toward introspection and nuance, featuring more personal material as well as a handful of art-punk rockers and a couple of barn-burners.

We are currently working on a new cycle of tunes. The new material is dark but fun, a little gothy, a little psychedelic, a little campy. There are some inter-related themes between the songs. A concept-album seems to be emerging…

Find us on Facebook, ReverbNation, SonicBids, or Bandcamp.

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