The mixdown is done.

The mixdown of the new album is finished! It’s called “Crooked House.” It contains 13 tracks. It has a slightly conceptual slant, and a vibey, cinematic feel. We think it sounds fantastic.

We’re waiting on the artwork to be completed, and it still needs to be mastered, but the hardest and longest (heh heh)… >> Continue reading

Dachshund & Mercury Tree. Hunt Club. Sunday 8/23/15.

Let us rock the Pazuzu out of you!
Portland’s “Mercury Tree” and Tulsa’s own “Dachshund” will exorcise your inner demons.
A night of progressive and alternative sounds awaits!

Listen to “Vices,” a track from the new album…

We’re excited to finally share one of the finished mixes from the new album! The title of this track is “Vices.” It’s one of Eric’s tunes, so that’s him on Vocals and the Left-channel guitar. That’s yours truly on the Right-channel guitar. Andy Jenson is on bass, and Adam Karleskint is on drums.

This track is still unmastered (which means that it may sound a little quiet), and I’ve still got 7 mixes yet to finish. So consider this a “sneak peek” at what we’re brewing-up. If you like this track, share it! It’s an easy (and free!) way for you to help us out.

Click on through to listen to the song, via our fancy embedded Soundcloud player! >> Continue reading

Dachshund and *.* @ Hunt Club, 4/29/15

4/29/2015 - Hunt Club

This is Ryan from Dachshund, and of course I wanna tell you to come see us play on Wed. 4/29 at Hunt Club — but the fact is, you already know us.

So let me instead tell you about our friends from Savannah, GA, whose name is actually *.*, but to avoid confusion they usually write it out, “Star Period Star.” … >> Continue reading

Mixing an Album is Fun and Easy

Those of you who recall that we started recording a new album a while back may be wondering what’s up with that project? It’s been over a year since we finished recording — and given that we’ve been a bit reclusive ever since, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’d shelved the tracks or… >> Continue reading

Dachshund @ Hunt Club! Fri, 9/5/14

Got a show coming up next Friday! Come see us!


It’s the end of Summer once again, but the weather’s still warm and the beer’s still cold — perfect weather for sitting on the porch on a Friday nite at Hunt Club, sipping a drink, and taking-in the fab sounds of our particular longbacked quartet. Come check-out our new lineup (Matt Mayo has joined us on bass-guitar), and hear songs from the upcoming new album, as well as old favorites!

Hit up the Facebook Event Page, and let us know you’re going! >> Continue reading

We are now Smartphone-Friendly!

Ryan’s been working on a smartphone-friendly version of our website, because he knows just how important it is for you to have some Dachshund in your pocket. :)

According to our extensive laboratory tests (basically, we checked the site on Ryan’s iPhone), the mobile site is up and functional. So if you’re one of… >> Continue reading

Hello Undercurrent. Please to have meet you.

Our friend Brian Salcidō was good enough to take pictures of us on July 27, when we played Undercurrent.  Pics coming in 3… 2… 1…

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