TOTW #2: “Hills To Climb”

Welcome to Track of the Week #2! We’re highlighting a different song from one of our albums every week, until we’ve run through them all — sharing a link to each one, along with some short thoughts about it.

“Hills To Climb” was a song that, in some ways, set the direction for this… >> Continue reading

TOTW #1: “The Bird and the Lemming”

I’ve decided to start posting one of our tracks every week — a soundcloud link, and a few of my own short thoughts about it — just for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing.

So, “Track of the Week #1”: Have a listen to “The Bird and the Lemming,”… >> Continue reading

Fri 3/23/18: Dachshund @ Moon City in Springfield, MO!


It’s Dogzilla!! Ravaging the teeming metropolis of Springfield, MO!! On Friday, March 23!!

…And so we return to Springfield, to kick out another adventurous, rollicking set with Springfield-area thought-rockers Archimedian Point and Evil Awful! This particular Kaiju Apocalypse unfolds at MOON CITY! Fire will be breathed, lazer-swords will be wielded, faces will be rocked. ON THE MOON! Springfield folks, join us!

On Saturday, March 24, find us at Chelsea’s in Eureka Springs! Tulsans, find us at Hunt Club with Move Trio on April 5! >> Continue reading

Thurs. 10/5/17: Dachshund and Mercury Tree at Yeti

Come experience a night mindblowing musical awesomeness with us and our avant-garde Portland friends, Mercury Tree!  Thursday, 10/05, at Yeti, 417 N. Main St, Tulsa.  No cover!  Show starts at 9:30.


“Gary” – Official Video

Check out the “official video” for “Gary,” from our 2016 album, Crooked House!

Deepest thanks to Steve Williams, Peyton Fore, and Lindsay Coffey, who filmed this video as a group-project for a class they were taking at OSUIT Okmulgee. It was a last-minute production. Their original plans… >> Continue reading

Sun 5/7/2017: Dachshund at Hunt Club, 7-9pm

We’re emerging from our long winter chrysalis, full up on the fat of canned jellies stored long and warm in the deep pantry. Come ye, and hear the majestic Dachshund Toot, or Snarl, or Snoot. >> Continue reading

Booze Cracks the Code…

We’ve been rehearsing with Jason Booze, our new drummer. Last night’s rehearsal was our third together, I think. And I just wanted to say: It was hilarious and impressive that he actually figured out the changes to “Long History” on his own, and then NAILED IT on the first playthrough!

That particular song features… >> Continue reading

Cleaning-out the photo-drawer…

We took a bunch of photos around this time last year, in preparation for the release of “Crooked House.” We never really got around to using many of these, and since Adam (our drummer) is now leaving the band (to raise a young’n), it seems like a good time to post the lot… >> Continue reading

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