Band news, rumors, and outright lies:

Good god, what month is this? Where did that hand come from? Where the hell am I? In other words: News!

(1) First off, we’d like to welcome our new bassist, Matt Mayo! He’s a fine chap. Much finer than that other chap, Andy Jenson, who used to play bass with us. Much easier… >> Continue reading

From Facebook:

Doing our second (and final) group recording session today! We’re re-recording just a couple of things which didn’t work so well last time, and adding a few bits of color to the mixes. Can’t wait to let you all hear this stuff! — from… >> Continue reading

From Facebook:

We have finished recording all the primary tracks for the album! On to other parts of the project… — from… >> Continue reading

Our recording setup…

What goes into recording an album in your house? Well, here’s how we do it.

On Saturday 10/5/13, we moved all of our gear into Ryan’s house, taking over every available space for the purposes of recording our second album (Crooked House). The plan was to cut 13 tracks over the following handful of days, and that’s what we’ve been doing. We just finished up tonight’s session on Monday, 10/7, and we have two songs left to record. So, everything’s going according to plan, heh heh heh (rubs fingertips together).

Here’s a whirlwind tour of our recording setup — awkwardly hosted by Ryan, and barely filmed by Eric, both of whom probably should have known better than to attempt anything involving video. (Sorry about the camera turning sideways. Eric didn’t know you shouldn’t do that with an iPad while filming.) And the Academy Awards for Best Host of A YouTube Video and Best iPad Cinematography go to…!

From Facebook:

We’re gonna start recording tracks for our new album tomorrow at the homestead. This one will be a longer and more thematic album than “Ballad of Shorty Long.” If you saw the preliminary sketches of the cover we posted last week, you might have already gleaned that the name of this one is “Crooked House.”… >> Continue reading

The places in which we live

If we are quiet lately, it is because building things takes time. Here are some early blueprints for a new construction:


Sketches:  Juliana Noelle Lynn

Join us 8/30/2013 at Hunt Club!

We cordially invite you to join us next Friday, 8/30, at Hunt Club, for an evening of sonic pulsations, transient attacks, waveform-modlating, nonsensical utterings, dancing meat, flaming kittens, and other end-of-summer revelry! Revelry, I say!


Come out to Hunt Club tonight, 7/27/2013!

Tonight we’ve got some new twists on our material to debut for y’all. We’ve brought a keyboard in for the first time, to add some atmospheric spookiness to one of Eric’s tunes called “Flowers Bloom.” That song really sounds like it’s come into its own, finally! And the rhythm-section has juiced-up the chorus of “Landlocked… >> Continue reading

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