“Crooked House” CD Release Party – April 1, 2016!

Come celebrate the release of our 2nd album! Click on through for more details…


David Bowie, RIP.

Neglected to post about this yesterday, but: Damn! David Bowie! Sorry to see the man go! His influence ran deep for many, ourselves included.

What I can’t get over is the man’s dedication to his art. He was a performer who never stopped trying to innovate, never stopped seeking that next great sound, even… >> Continue reading

The mixdown is done.

The mixdown of the new album is finished! It’s called “Crooked House.” It contains 13 tracks. It has a slightly conceptual slant, and a vibey, cinematic feel. We think it sounds fantastic.

We’re waiting on the artwork to be completed, and it still needs to be mastered, but the hardest and longest (heh heh)… >> Continue reading

Dachshund & Mercury Tree. Hunt Club. Sunday 8/23/15.

Let us rock the Pazuzu out of you!
Portland’s “Mercury Tree” and Tulsa’s own “Dachshund” will exorcise your inner demons.
A night of progressive and alternative sounds awaits!

Dachshund and *.* @ Hunt Club, 4/29/15

4/29/2015 - Hunt Club

This is Ryan from Dachshund, and of course I wanna tell you to come see us play on Wed. 4/29 at Hunt Club — but the fact is, you already know us.

So let me instead tell you about our friends from Savannah, GA, whose name is actually *.*, but to avoid confusion they usually write it out, “Star Period Star.” … >> Continue reading

Mixing an Album is Fun and Easy

Those of you who recall that we started recording a new album a while back may be wondering what’s up with that project? It’s been over a year since we finished recording — and given that we’ve been a bit reclusive ever since, you could be forgiven for thinking that we’d shelved the tracks or… >> Continue reading

Dachshund @ Hunt Club! Fri, 9/5/14

Got a show coming up next Friday! Come see us!


It’s the end of Summer once again, but the weather’s still warm and the beer’s still cold — perfect weather for sitting on the porch on a Friday nite at Hunt Club, sipping a drink, and taking-in the fab sounds of our particular longbacked quartet. Come check-out our new lineup (Matt Mayo has joined us on bass-guitar), and hear songs from the upcoming new album, as well as old favorites!

Hit up the Facebook Event Page, and let us know you’re going! >> Continue reading

We are now Smartphone-Friendly!

Ryan’s been working on a smartphone-friendly version of our website, because he knows just how important it is for you to have some Dachshund in your pocket. :)

According to our extensive laboratory tests (basically, we checked the site on Ryan’s iPhone), the mobile site is up and functional. So if you’re one of… >> Continue reading

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