Sun 5/7/2017: Dachshund at Hunt Club, 7-9pm

We’re emerging from our long winter chrysalis, full up on the fat of canned jellies stored long and warm in the deep pantry. Come ye, and hear the majestic Dachshund Toot, or Snarl, or Snoot. >> Continue reading

Dachshund TV!

Here’s a short set, recorded live at our rehearsal space tonight, 4/26/17! You should watch this not only to chuckle at our awkward attempt at engaging the social-media-o-sphere, but also to check out the new lineup! That’s Jason Booze on drums, replacing longtime drummer Adam… >> Continue reading

Booze Cracks the Code…

We’ve been rehearsing with Jason Booze, our new drummer. Last night’s rehearsal was our third together, I think. And I just wanted to say: It was hilarious and impressive that he actually figured out the changes to “Long History” on his own, and then NAILED IT on the first playthrough!

That particular song features… >> Continue reading

Cleaning-out the photo-drawer…

We took a bunch of photos around this time last year, in preparation for the release of “Crooked House.” We never really got around to using many of these, and since Adam (our drummer) is now leaving the band (to raise a young’n), it seems like a good time to post the lot… >> Continue reading

See you… soon?

We’ll be off the radar for a few months, as Adam (our drummer) is leaving the band to pursue another project called “fatherhood.” Thursday’s show was very likely his last with us. We believe we have a new drummer already lined-up, but we won’t begin rehearsing with him for a couple of weeks yet. Hopefully… >> Continue reading

About a show…

We played Hunt Club this past Thursday night. It might seem kinda dumb to say it, because there was almost nobody there, but this was one of the more memorable shows I think we’ve played.

As most Tulsa bands would probably tell you, Thursday nights here can go either way — occasionally you may… >> Continue reading

Video: The Heavy Anchor, St. Louis MO, 10/15/16.

Two weeks ago, we played The Heavy Anchor, a sweet indie-music dive in South St. Louis. Our friends Banks and Cathedrals and Old Hand opened and closed, respectively.

Here’s our full 40-minute set, including a very silly soundcheck and all kinds of shit we probably should have cut-out. But it’s fun, right? Hello? Where’d everybody go?

For a table of contents, click the “Continue Reading” link below.

Video: Lindberg’s Tavern, Springfield MO, 10/13/16

Here’s the video of Dachshund’s 10/13 show at Lindbergs, in Springfield, MO. What a night! We posted the whole dang thing, with excerpts of the other two bands (Evil Awful and Archimedian Point) as well, just because we enjoyed playing with them, and it’s nice to have them represented alongside us.  Whole thing’s just over an hour in length. If you actually watch it on YouTube, and reveal the text I posted below the video, you’ll find a table of contents with links, so you can skip around however you like.

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