Demo:  HEALED!

Hey, it’s Ryan! Just finished a demo of a new tune, and I wanted to share it. It’s not a “Dachshund” tune yet — this is a solo demo. But it’s easy to imagine that the band might end up performing it. Anyway, here’s some new music which represents a direction the band might lean… >> Continue reading

A few dates for fall:

Been lining up a few shows for the fall:

Thurs 10/13 – We’ll be playing Springfield, MO, for the first time, at the esteemed and storied Lindberg’s Tavern. (Storied, as in, the building is more than a single story. Esteemed, as in, it’s full of steam.) Fellow prog-punkers, The Archimedian Point, will join us.

Sat 10/15 –… >> Continue reading

Video: “I Know,” 4/1/16

An oldie from “The Ballad of Shorty Long.” I know, I know! Alright? I know already. I know.

Video: The Whole Damn Show

We just posted a wholebuncha videos from our 4/01/2016 CD-Release gig at Venue Shrine. It’s some good stuff. The videos turned out reella niice.

But those videos aren’t here! Nope. They’re here.

Alternately, you could check out our YouTube Channel. Somebody told me there’s some cool stuff there, too. If you… >> Continue reading

Video: “We Fall,” 4/1/2016

Look! It’s a for-real and actual video of us playing “We Fall” at Venue Shrine in Tulsa! (Thanks to Stephen Williams, who helped capture this footage at our CD-Release party last month!)

If you are a Tulsa-area-type person — as in the kind of person who might… >> Continue reading

Fri. May 13: Dachshund @ Hunt Club – w/ The Last Slice

Celebrating ONE holiday is reason enough to kick out the jams. But nay, you say you want to celebrate TWO? Well, mosey on down to Hunt Club on Friday, May 13, and celebrate Ashley McManus’s birthday, as well as your own tirskaidekaphobia and other bad-luck superstitions! Black cats! Broken mirrors! Birthday cakes! Bartenders! Bands!

Dachshund plays around 9:00. The Last Slice, from 11pm ’til close. >> Continue reading

Dachshund on RSU 91.3FM

Tune-in to RSU Radio (91.3 FM) tomorrow, Sunday May 1, from 4-5pm! We’ll be featured guests on the local-music show, OK Connection! We’ll talk about our new album with host Garrett Powders, we’ll play a few of our own tracks, and we’ll play some of our influences and tracks from other local bands we admire… >> Continue reading

“Crooked House” CD-Release – Thanks and Pics!

We had such a great time at Friday’s show!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Venue Shrine and helped make our “Crooked House” CD-Release such a memorable night! You guys were a great crowd.

Click on through for thank-you’s and a gallery of pics!

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