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Dood! We’re at 500 likes! Doesn’t that mean we win a Grammy or something? Or at least a pizza and a case of beer?

But seriously, that’s pretty cool. A milestone of sorts. Thanks for “liking” us! — from… >> Continue reading

Video: Lindberg’s Tavern, 10/13/2016

Here’s the video of Dachshund’s 10/13 show at Lindbergs, in Springfield, MO. What a night!

I posted the whole dang thing, with excerpts of the other two bands (Evil Awful and Archimedian Point) as well, just because we enjoyed playing with them, and it’s nice to have them represented alongside us.  Whole thing’s just… >> Continue reading

Home again.

Back home, safe and sound. We had a great time in the Show-Me State! Thanks to our friends Chet (in Springfield) and Shawn (in Saint Louis), who kindly allowed us to crash on their floors and couches! It was a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a dumpster. Safer, too!

Thanks to Lindbergs Tavern… >> Continue reading

Kickin’ it at Lindbergs, 10/13/16

Thursday night’s show at Lindbergs Tavern in Springfield, MO, with Evil Awful and Archimedian Point!

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Heading off to Misery — er, Missouri! 😄

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Dachshund on the Airwaves in STL!

Here’s some cool news! A friend of mine in St. Louis pointed-out that we got some airplay today on local STL station KDHX 88.1. He sent me a link to their playlist, and it was kind of awesome to see the names of the other artists who were also played that hour.

The… >> Continue reading


This week, we’re embarking on a MASSIVE TWO-STOP TOUR OF MISSOURI! Springfield and St. Louis, prepare thyselves! Click on through for all the beans…


Demo:  HEALED!

Hey, it’s Ryan! Just finished a demo of a new tune, and I wanted to share it. It’s not a “Dachshund” tune yet — this is a solo demo. But it’s easy to imagine that the band might end up performing it. Anyway, here’s some new music which represents a direction the band might lean further into. Enjoy!

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