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Join us Thurs 4/5/18 at Hunt Club!

TOTW #7: “Ichabod”

One of the more mischievous songs on Crooked House, “Ichabod” kicks-off the final third of the album with a darkly humorous spasm of irony and dread.

Eric has written more than a few songs about nightmares he’s had, and this is one of those. He told me about the dream once, and it’s all… >> Continue reading

“Vices” at Moon City Pub

TOTW #6: “Landlocked State”

With an opening hook that evokes the melancholy grandeur of a John Ford western, “Landlocked State” kicks-off our second album in a decidedly different mode than our debut. While “Shorty Long” was dominated by bristling, ironic indie-rock, those impulses are pushed to the back-half of “Crooked House,” in favor of highlighting a softer, more nuanced… >> Continue reading

TOTW #5: “I Know”

…And here we are at Track of the Week #5! If you’ve been following this series, you may have noticed that I’ve been alternating each week between Eric’s songs and my own. It’s another Eric week, so I thought I’d post about the Eric song which brought me into the band, and which seems to… >> Continue reading

Thurs 4/5/18: Dachshund & Move Trio at Hunt Club!

Come out, fine people of Tulsa, and join the piper at the gates of Spring, here to witness the ritual sacrifice of the lamb upon the verdant altar! Or, simply join Dachshund and Move Trio at Hunt Club for a jovial evening of good tunes, cheap brews, and fine friends! Spring is here! So are we! Come celebrate with us! No cover!


TOTW #4: “Gary”

It’s Track of the Week #4! If you’ve just joined us, we’re highlighting a different song from one of our albums every week, until we’ve run the gamut! This week: “Gary.”

“Gary” is a dramatic ballad featured at the heart of our 2016 album, “Crooked House.” As I mentioned last week, it’s paired-up with… >> Continue reading

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