5/12/19: Dachshund & Stallone Cobras at Soundpony!

Let’s face it, Moms rock. You should totally bring your mom to Soundpony on Mother’s day! If perchance you ARE a mom, you should totally bring yourself! In either case: Come rock your Mother’s Day with us!

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5/3/19: Dachshund, Beta Betamax, and Nonconnah at Whittier Bar!

The first of 3 shows we’ve got coming up in May is on Fri, May 3! Yeah yeah, short notice, blah blah blah. The bill just came together today, so what can you do? Anyway: Friday, May 3, we’re playing Whittier Bar, in the location formerly known as Beehive, in the Whittier Square district of Tulsa. We’ll be playing with Tulsa chillwave band Beta Betamax, in support of Nonconnah, a touring Memphis act specializing in textural ambient drone-based sounds.

We might seem like the odd band out on this bill — but what you might not know is, we’re all not-so-secret fans of ambient, chill, and house. Air, Stereolab, Animal Collective, Bonobo, Aphex Twin — I think Eric and I both listen to almost as much of that stuff as we do rock. So this should be a fun show. You should come and zone out with us! I believe there will be some very pretty lights! 😁

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Working toward something…

Hard to believe it’s already 2019!  I guess that makes it nearly 3 years since we released “Crooked House.”  We are, I assure you, cooking up a third album.  A new cycle of tunes has been evolving.  I’ll share more about it soon, but for now I’ll just say:  Shit’s badass. Or, to put it… >> Continue reading

11/01/18: Dachshund & The Danner Party at Hunt Club!

Dia De Los Muertos. Hunt Club. Come trip to the psychedelic strains of The Danner Party and Dachshund! Stick around to witness the Muffin Man Meltdown, an epic two-band cover of Frank Zappa’s “Muffin Man.” Also, show up early to catch the opening acoustic mini-set by Dachshund’s RD. As full a Thursday night as any spirit-walker could want.


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7/12/18: Dachshund & Saganomics at Hunt Club!

Space! The final frontier! These are the voyages of Ronald Regan, Carl Sagan, and the dogship Enterprise! To Hunt Club on July 12 you should go — BOLDLY GO — to help us in our continuing mission: To bring peace, weird music, and epic booty-shakin’ to the furthest corners of the galaxy!


5/19/18: Dachshund & The Stylees at Moon City, Springfield

You are cordially invited…

Join us Thurs 4/5/18 at Hunt Club!

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