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Fri 3/23/18: Dachshund @ Moon City in Springfield, MO!


It’s Dogzilla!! Ravaging the teeming metropolis of Springfield, MO!! On Friday, March 23!!

…And so we return to Springfield, to kick out another adventurous, rollicking set with Springfield-area thought-rockers Archimedian Point and Evil Awful! This particular Kaiju Apocalypse unfolds at MOON CITY! Fire will be breathed, lazer-swords will be wielded, faces will be rocked. ON THE MOON! Springfield folks, join us!

On Saturday, March 24, find us at Chelsea’s in Eureka Springs! Tulsans, find us at Hunt Club with Move Trio on April 5! >> Continue reading


This week, we’re embarking on a MASSIVE TWO-STOP TOUR OF MISSOURI! Springfield and St. Louis, prepare thyselves! Click on through for all the beans…


“Crooked House” CD Release Party – April 1, 2016!

Come celebrate the release of our 2nd album! Click on through for more details…


Sun July 27: All Hail the Big Rock Show @ Undercurrent

So, we’ve got this little show coming up…


It’s 8 bands, all of ’em pretty raucous, and we should be in the mix later in the evening, for just under an hour. If you’re on Facebook, join the event and let us know you’re coming! We’ll see you on Sunday, July 27, at Undercurrent! >> Continue reading

Join us 8/30/2013 at Hunt Club!

We cordially invite you to join us next Friday, 8/30, at Hunt Club, for an evening of sonic pulsations, transient attacks, waveform-modlating, nonsensical utterings, dancing meat, flaming kittens, and other end-of-summer revelry! Revelry, I say!


Dachshund does Dallas! Sat. 7/6/2013

Dachshund is headed to Dallas to play Wits End on Sat, July 6! This will be our first time to play the Big D. Lookin’ forward to it!’

Wits End is located at 2724 Elm St, in the Deep Ellum district.  Check for more info!… >> Continue reading

Dachshund & Gigantic @ TreeHouse, 5/30/2013!

Come join Dachshund and our friends Gigantic, who have flown in their Lear-Jet all the way from the remote exotic island of Springfield, MO, to rock balls with us! This will be the first stop on their Cali-bound “Gigantour,” and I’m pretty sure you won’t wanna miss their rollicking smartassery.

tulsaTreeHouse, located at 18th & Boston, is one of Tulsa’s best small venues, featuring great sound, full-on light show, and a well-stocked bar! This will be our first time to play TreeHouse, and we’re looking forward to it.

So come on out! It’s a Thursday, yeah, but someone told me Thursday is the new Friday. Good times and ironic hi-fives all around!


Let us know you’re coming by joining the Facebook event! >> Continue reading

Friday, 5/10/13 @ Hunt Club, Tulsa!

Our next show is Friday, 5/10/13, at the Hunt Club (224 N. Main, Tulsa). Come be our friends!


Put us on your calendar by joining the Facebook event!  Go to:

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