“Vices” at Moon City Pub

TOTW #3: “Vices”

Hold on to your hat! It’s Track of the Week #3!

Lurking right at the center of Crooked House (our 2016 album) is a compact banger called “Vices.” It’s an Eric song, and it bristles with punk-pop energy, spinning a melancholy vocal over a volatile loud/quiet dynamic. There’s something a little “emo” about the… >> Continue reading

TOTW #2: “Hills To Climb”

Welcome to Track of the Week #2! We’re highlighting a different song from one of our albums every week, until we’ve run through them all — sharing a link to each one, along with some short thoughts about it.

“Hills To Climb” was a song that, in some ways, set the direction for this… >> Continue reading

TOTW #1: “The Bird and the Lemming”

I’ve decided to start posting one of our tracks every week — a soundcloud link, and a few of my own short thoughts about it — just for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing.

So, “Track of the Week #1”: Have a listen to “The Bird and the Lemming,”… >> Continue reading

Booze Cracks the Code…

We’ve been rehearsing with Jason Booze, our new drummer. Last night’s rehearsal was our third together, I think. And I just wanted to say: It was hilarious and impressive that he actually figured out the changes to “Long History” on his own, and then NAILED IT on the first playthrough!

That particular song features… >> Continue reading

Home again.

Back home, safe and sound. We had a great time in the Show-Me State! Thanks to our friends Chet (in Springfield) and Shawn (in Saint Louis), who kindly allowed us to crash on their floors and couches! It was a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a dumpster. Safer, too!

Thanks to Lindbergs Tavern… >> Continue reading

Live @ Lindbergs, 10/13/16

Thursday night’s show at Lindbergs Tavern in Springfield, MO, with Evil Awful and Archimedian Point!

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Heading off to Misery — er, Missouri! 😄

&nbsp… >> Continue reading

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